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The Center for Aligned Healing is a multi-disciplinary center of holistic practitioners located in Chappaqua, New York offering Bio Energetic Medicine & Education For the 21st Century. We provide integrative and complementary treatments for clients utilizing traditional medical approaches with a variety of bio-energetic healing modalities. Our team of highly trained licensed practitioners offer a variety of in-person healing services for adults and children emphasizing Soul Focused Living. We also offer educational programs for spiritual development and well-being including study groups, workshops, lectures and demonstrations for both adults and children. Stop in and visit the center and enjoy one of our Soul-Filled events!


Community Service Night

Tuesday, July 26, 2016 from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm

Please join us for an educational and heart felt evening to learn more about PTSD and how to treat it. Participants will receive a restorative healing treatment for this life altering situation and learn self- empowerment techniques to remain balanced. Presented by the JJ Esoteric Foundation And Energy Medicine Practitioners. FREE But please RSVP via email or text or phone call so we may be prepared. Learn more HERE


“My husband Arthur Stevens was diagnosed with cancer of the urinary tract. I used esoteric healing techniques I learned from Bernadette Bloom on him for three weeks before he went in the hospital. When the biopsy came back there was no evidence of cancer. I was also told that I had glaucoma and used esoteric healing on myself for one month before I went to Mass Eye at the Ear Infirmary in Boston. My pressure dropped from 24 to 14 and the doctor told me that I no longer had glaucoma. Thank you God!”
Muriel Stevens Healing Cancer
It has been one year since my son Martin, began seeing Bernadette Bloom for esoteric healing. He has progressed a lot since then. The school teachers and therapists did not know that Martin had started seeing her weekly, and in May they said that he “suddenly decided to cooperate” (after 5 years of a lot of behavior problems). Martin went from a child who would shout, attack people in the supermarket, bite to tear his shirts and pee and poop on his bed to now being able to keep all his shirts intact and not need chewy bar for months. He can now stay calm and happy when we are in the community and sit in the church for 3 hours straight (Chinese sermon followed by English sermon) without disturbing the congregation. In the past, we could not go to anybody’s house for dinner and when we went to a restaurant, he would leave as soon as he finished his food. This New Year was the first time that we were able to go to a friend’s house for dinner with every member of our family including Martin; he behaved so well with the crowd…. and stayed calm until we left at11pm. Martin went from disorganized, aggressive, impulsive, to now being very connected, happy, patient, and he is even helping me with chores. We had many crisis in between, but Bernadette has always been able to decipher what was happening and point me in the right direction. If your child has similar problems as my son, please give esoteric healing a try. I saw her first to determine if the therapy was effective or not before investing the time and money to bring my son to see her. I also took classes to learn the technique so I could apply it with my family. Bernadette is very generous and willing to pass down all her techniques.
Christina Lee Healing Families and Children
I turned to essential oil therapy when I felt I was at the end of my rope with my daughter who was spiraling into a cycle of ever increasing clinginess, anxiety and shyness. We tried everything that was within our means to try. A friend purchased an essential oil therapy bath from Sharon Slowik for my daughter and I saw a change in her right away. Her tantrums abated, anxiety related obsessive compulsive behavior subsided and her iron hold emotional grip on me dissolved.
M.O. Healing Anxiety In Children
I am amazed at the depth of Bernadette Bloom's healing abilities. To gently steer your loyal subjects away from their dark road and towards the path of peace, joy with renewed confidence is quite remarkable. She changes blight into light with her kind spirit and compassionate energy. Thank you.
Lydia Lewis
Thank you so much for the wonderful Esoteric Healing class yesterday Bernadette. I got so much out of it. I aligned myself a dozen times!
Olivia Gellis