You Asked, They Answered!


MARCH 4, 2016

A Chappaqua-Millwood Chamber of Commerce “Ask me Anything” event at Crabtree’s Kittle House gave 14 business owners and consultants a chance to share their business acumen with New Castle residents. The casual gathering drew visitors who were invited to rotate from table to table in ten minute segments following introductions of each presenter at the podium.

Good humor was in abundance. “I’ll try to be brief,” said Vinnie Milazzo, owner of the Chappaqua Village Market, “but I do have four years of stories to tell.” Local healer Benadette Bloom described herself as a “medical intuitive.” “I’ll also teach you to do what I do.”

Discussing the first time offering, Dawn Dankner Rosen, who heads the Chamber, said she “thought it would be fun to have an event where you can meet up with experts in different fields for no fee, and ask them anything that comes to mind.” She said the board aimed to feature a “cross section” of owners and is considering regular “Ask me Anything” gatherings. — Grace Bennett


Bernadette Bloom, Nicole Hair and Melysa Diament


Jennifer Bancroft, Chamber Manager with Dawn Dankner Rosen, Chamber President


Beth Rordham, Joan Bigg and Frank Bastone


John Grimes, Ted Holmes and Rand Mark Manasse


Johanna Kline, Wendy Nolan, Deena Bochier


Chamber board Member Laura Levin


Michael Weinberg


Ray Rahni and Rita Ross


Carolyn Simpson

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